Dr Kyle Mervin – Clinical tutor teaching AADFA courses

Dr Kyle Mervin – Clinical tutor teaching AADFA courses.

Dr Kyle Mervin has had an interest in facial injectables and lip fillers for a number of years now. His experience and expertise is being put to even better use now, not only with his ‘facial aesthetic’ patients, but this year Dr Mervin also accepted an invitation to become a clinical tutor at the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics.

Courses are run to teach registered dentists about facial injectables and how to incorporate them into their practice. Dr Mervin is enthusiastic about this field because there are so many applications and potential benefits for patients. In addition to the use as anti-wrinkle treatment there are also many other applications such as treatment of gummy-smiles and treatment of clenching and grinding.

“Dentists already have the most extensive understanding of facial anatomy and excel in their fine motor skills. This makes them fantastic students for facial injectables! I thoroughly enjoyed the clinical tutoring and look forward to doing more teaching and mentoring in the future!” Dr Mervin explained.