Our Alternative to Extras Cover

Choosing the right extras cover for you and your family can be really difficult. Most of the health funds take a lot of time developing products in such a way that it is almost impossible to compare them with other funds.

Think about that. If they all offered the same product then it would be pretty simple to figure out which is best for you, i.e. the most cost effective. So it is in their interest to differentiate themselves with different products, so they can charge what they like.

It is also very much in their immediate financial interest for you to not show up to your next dental appointment. If you don’t show up, they don’t pay out.  We see this in dentistry all of the time. People pay all of this money for extras cover (in some cases over $25 per week), and then find themselves short of cash when they receive their dental reminder for a regular check up and clean, and not making their next appointment. This is most definitely the rule and not the exception.

To combat this Riverside Dental Spa has developed several initiatives. Firstly, we are a HCF preferred provider, which means that people with adequate HCF extras cover have no out of pocket expenses for regular preventative work. Secondly, with family appointments of 3 or more people, we will not charge a gap for preventative work, for any type of extras cover. Thirdly, we try to book your next preventative appointment as you leave the surgery, as this has been shown industry wide to increase your likelihood of attending your next appointment by  500%, and lastly we are starting our own Membership Programme.

Under the Riverside Dental Spa Membership Programme, we charge a small monthly fee, equivalent to $10 per week per adult and $3 a week per child (over 5yo and under 25yo, and this covers all continuing care appointments (check ups, cleans, x-rays, 3D scans and re-mineralising treatments) with no “out of pocket” expenses. It also gives you access to a discounted fee structure for any dental work that you may need or want.

Members Benefits include

  • No out of pocket expenses for any preventative work, including all x-rays, scans, cleans, and fissure seals in children (no annual limits)
  • Discounted fee structure for all other dental or cosmetic work (no annual limits)
  • Rebates on emergency work undertaken by necessity elsewhere
  • SAVINGS of up to $4500 over 5 years on Basic Dental alone (Based on BUPA platinum extras cover)

If you would like further information regarding our Riverside Dental Spa Membership Program please contact us for an information pack.

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