Fresh Breath Central CoastThere are some interesting statistics about bad breath. About half of the people who have it, have no idea about it, and around 15% of people who think they have it do not. Breathing into your hand and trying to sniff it is not a great test. You can’t feel it. The only way you can confirm it is by involving a 3rd party.

The causes of bad breath are many, from diet, to short-term viral infections, to rapid weight loss and diabetes, to kidney and liver diseases, but by far and away, the single biggest cause of bad breath, is the colony of bacteria that reside in the mouth and nose.

Here is where it can get complicated. If every mouth has a bacterial colony why do some mouths smell bad while others are fine?

If you think you have bad breath, or you know a loved one does, book in for a fresh breath consultation. The solution to your problem might be much easier than you think.