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Sweet Swap Press Release

Halloween has been increasing in popularity over the last few years in Australia, which means that children are being tempted with even more sugar in the lead up to Christmas. Dr Kyle Mervin, owner of Riverside Dental Spa, has three young children who love getting dressed up and going “trick or treating.” “My kids look […]

Protect your smile with a Fitted Mouthguard!

We would like to share a little insight into why anyone who plays sport (not just contact sports) should wear a mouthguard. Have a think about it. Broken bones, sprains or torn muscles heal with time and rest but you can’t re-grow missing or damaged teeth. Wearing a mouthguard can be the difference between a […]

Winners Are Grinners

Riverside Dental Spa was announced as recipient of the prestigious “Excellence in Small Business” award for 2016. The Gosford /Erina and Coastal Chamber of Commerce award winners were announced at Gosford RSL Club on Saturday 2nd July – election night! The gala dinner, hosted by 2GOFM radio personality Sarah King, brought together over 900 attendees […]

2016 finalists – Central Coast awards!


Un-dentisty… how we make going to the dentist less…”dentisty”? This has been our key goal in developing Riverside Dental Spa. What is it about dental practices that we don’t like? The smell, the noise, the clinical vibe? Here at Riverside Dental Spa we have incorporated all the great things about dentistry, while move away from […]

Best Practice

Five-star Finish – How Dr Kyle Mervin and Dr Nicole Floyd built their dream dental spa on the New South Wales Central Coast Dentist husband and wife, Drs Kyle Mervin and Nicole Floyd, don’t do things by halves. Their vision for a brand new luxury dental spa on the New South Wales Central Coast was […]

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

What is Sleep Apnoea? Apnoea means “the absence of breath.” Obstructive sleep apnoea occurs when something is blocking the airways making it difficult to breathe during sleeping. Sleep apnoea is a common condition, which affects approximately 5% of adults. It is a lot less prevalent amongst children and is usually due to enlarged adenoids or […]

Pregnancy – The Tooth of the Matter!

Pregnancy – The tooth of the matter! Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant families Along with many other changes in your life you can also expect some changes in terms of your oral health. Good dental health is an important part of your overall health and well being, particularly during pregnancy. Most mothers are […]

Central Coast Dentist Membership Program

Is your Private Health Fund coming too expensive? Riverside Dental Spa offers an alternative to increasing extras cover costs! Early detection and prevention are the two most important roles of a dentist. If we can get to a problem early, the fix can be as simple as a change in brushing habits, or a small filling. Small […]

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