Halloween Sweet Swap


How does the Halloween Sweet Swap work?
Trick or treat THEN trade!!

Once the Halloween costumes and decorations are packed away, the scary thing for parents is how to deal with all the lollies that might end up wedged in their kid’s molars to cause decay. Riverside Dental Spa has a better idea….. We will Sweet Swap it

The Halloween Sweet Swap will take place over 2 days:
– Wednesday 1st November (4pm-7pm)
– Thursday 2nd November (4pm-7pm)

For every bag of lollies (equivalent to a sandwich bag) that a child donates, they will get a to choose a gift from our big collection of goodies!

Remember to be eligible to pick a price you must be dressed in your Halloween costume (or bring a photo of your in your costume)!

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

We care about all children’s teeth. You don’t have to be one of our patients to join in the on the fun, so come swap your sweets and save your teeth!

Spring Smile Package 🙂


Get Race Day Ready With Our Spring Smile Package!

Perfect your spring races look with a bright white smile and silky smooth skin!

To celebrate Melbourne Cup we have created the ‘Spring Smile’ package inclusive of a custom professional tooth whitening kit and a microhydro-dermabrasion or chemical peel treatment for $369!

Celebrate in style with the ultimate accessory – your smile.

Packaged valid from 17th October – 30th November.