riverside-dental-spa-microhydro-dermabrasionNow that you realize the importance of having your teeth cleaned regularly, lets talk about your skin! Your skin really benefits from being thoroughly cleaned.

Skin contains pores and follicles that can trap dirt, oil and dead skin cells. The skin is also clogged by daily use of makeup, sunscreen, moisturizers and other skin products. These blockages cause blackheads, congestion and blemishes.

Riverside Dental Spa has a “hydrabrasion” system that exfoliates your skin with both a dry and wet system. This allows us to open the pores and flush away all the blockages, leaving you with the cleanest smoothest feeling skin you have ever had!
In under an hour you will have your skin gently cleansed and a non-invasive small diamond tip will be worked over your skin to exfoliate and remove dead skin. Each pass will remove blockages and dead skin from deep within the pores. Once the diamond tip “dry” treatment is finished, it is followed by the “wet” cleanse. We use a water system to flush the open pores. This new technology will ensure the best deep skin cleanse and achieve maximum results.

Treatment will be followed up with a facial massage using DermaQuest rehydration serum and a rejuvenating moisturiser to make sure you will walk out feeling relaxed and refreshed.

We guarantee immediate results! Your skin will be visibly clean and soft. The microdermabrasion technology is very gentle, in fact it feels so relaxing that patients often fall asleep!