Advances in technology today are inevitable and here at Riverside Dental Spa we are always striving to provide the most up to date techniques while looking at ways to make your dental visit as enjoyable as it can be. Our Hygienist are very excited to have this new technology available for our patients… So whats all the fuss about? Well, we have purchased the latest device on the market, which is the most effective and comfortable way to have your teeth cleaned and uses the most up to date technology. This new product is known as an Air-flow cleaning device and it combines air, powder and water to effectively and efficiently remove soft plaque and bacteria from your teeth.

How does this differ from the traditional way that we clean teeth?

Traditionally we use an ultrasonic tip (the vibrating tool) that breaks away the hard deposits on the teeth and then follow with what we call a prophylaxis. The prophylaxis procedure involves the use of a polishing cup and paste to remove soft plaque and light stains from the teeth. This is often quite messy, time consuming and leaves you with the feeling that you have sand in your mouth following the hygiene visit.

What to expect from this new technique

When using the Air-flow device, firstly your Hygienist will place a coloured dye on the teeth that shows where the plaque and biofilm resides in the mouth – biofilm being the main cause of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. This is a great educational tool to show you areas that you may need to spend a little bit more time with on a daily basis or areas that are little hard to reach, our hygienist will then give you a few tips or tricks in getting to those areas.

The device uses air, water and powder to remove these deposits from the teeth and as the hygienist is using the Airflow tip you might feel a light sensation from these elements. Another great benefit of this device is that it works amazingly well at removing those stubborn stains that you may have from drinking a lot of tea or coffee.

Unfortunately, the Air-flow tip does not take away the need for Hygienists to use the ultrasonic (the vibrating tool) to remove the hard calculus deposits from the teeth. With that in mind generally speaking, it does help minimise the amount of time in which the ultrasonic tip is needed, this means that it may not have to be used on every tooth in the mouth, further reducing the time needed to have a thorough clean.

Many of our team members have already fallen in love with this advanced technique during their regular preventative care appointments with our hygienists. Next time you come in to see us here at Riverside Dental Spa be sure to ask our hygienists, dentists and other team members about this new device. You’ll be amazed by how gentle it is and how great your smile looks and feels after just one visit.