Preventative Dental Care Central CoastEffective preventative dental care relies on 3 factors, diagnosis, hygiene and education.

Diagnosis: A clear understanding of the decay process, and the habitual or medical factors that can contribute to decay in an individual, help us to tailor a prevention package that can keep your teeth healthy throughout life.

Medical conditions like GORD, diabetes and even pregnancy can have a devastating impact on your teeth. Understanding how these conditions effect your mouth and determining ways to counteract these effects are critical for the prevention of dental disease.

Hygiene and Education: Keeping the mouth clean and free of the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease is a cornerstone of preventative dentistry. Home care is an important factor in keeping the mouth clean, but there are some deposits that need to be removed professionally.

At Riverside Dental Spa we have a dedicated Hygiene and Education Department, staffed with Hygienists that will not only ensure you leave our surgery with a spotlessly clean smile, but also with the tools and knowledge to keep it that way.