Stainless Steel CrownWhat is a SSC?
A stainless steel crown is an upside down bucket that sits over the tooth, and while it is shaped like a normal tooth, it is silver in colour. We like to refer to a stainless steel crown as a robot tooth, pirate tooth, or princess tooth.

Why do we place SSC’s?
Stainless steel crowns may be recommended for placement if:
there is extensive caries (decay) in a deciduous (baby) molar
a deciduous molar requires endodontic (nerve) treatment
a deciduous molar exhibits signs of moderate-severe enamel hypoplasia (a condition where the enamel of the tooth has not formed properly and is much weaker than a normal tooth

Placement of stainless steel crowns assist with tooth preservation and space maintenance; if a deciduous tooth is lost before the permanent (adult) tooth is ready to erupt into place your child may be more likely to require orthodontic treatment in the future.

When do we place SSC’s?
Stainless steel crowns may be placed for children between the ages of 3-10 years of age as recommended by your dental professional.

Who places SSC’s?
Our Oral Health Therapist, Jayde, places stainless steel crowns for children at Riverside Dental Spa! If your child requires a stainless steel crown and is very anxious, or requires extensive dental treatment, we may refer them to a Paediatric Dentist.

How do we place SSC’s?
Placement of stainless steel crowns is a relatively short procedure, although in some cases (eg. if the nerve also requires treatment) the procedure may become a little longer, up to a maximum of 60 minutes.

How long do they last?
A stainless steel crown should last until the deciduous tooth is ready to exfoliate naturally.

If you have any questions regarding Stainless Steel Crowns please contact our friendly team on 4323 4323.