same-day-crownsThanks to the advancement in CAD/CAM technology equipment like our CEREC machine, crowns can be produced out of a block of ceramic in just one visit.

Instead of having your impressions taken, a temporary crown placed and then waiting up to 3 weeks to have your ceramic crown fitted the process now is much easier, faster and simpler!

We now can take your impressions digitally by scanning images of your teeth on our CEREC computer, from their the dentist will use your images and scans to design your crown and send the design to our CEREC milling unit where your crown will be milled/3D printed in under 15 minutes.

The process of a crown can now take under 2 hours instead of up to 3 weeks.

We are proud to be up to date with todays advancements in dental technology allowing convenience for all our patients.